Attorney Andy Young Appointed As First Ever Plaintiff’s Attorney To Federal Safety Committee

Andy Young Truck Accident Attorney
Attorney Andy Young of the Law Firm For Truck Safety, LLP. Young is serving on a Federal committee.

WASHINGTON, DC ( — Nationally recognized trucking lawyer Andy Young is
the first ever Plaintiff’s Trial Attorney appointed to the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee.
Appointed as one of the last acts of departing Transportation Secretary Elaine Cho, the appointment
marks the first time that a plaintiff’s attorney has been asked to serve on the MCSAC.

The committee is an advisory body to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, providing advice and
recommendations to the FMCSA.

A partner at The Law Firm for Truck Safety LLP, the appointment affirms that plaintiff’s attorneys aren’t
the enemy, but instead work closely with the trucking industry to ensure that roads are safe.
Attorneys like Andrew Young, and agencies like the FMCSA, all have one goal: making sure that
motorists — and truck drivers — get home safely.

“I am proud to serve on this committee,” said Young upon his appointment. “It is an honor to work with
members from industry, safety, labor and enforcement. I believe that my participation, and the
participation of others, will help the MCSAC and FMCSA save lives.”

Young is an officer of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, a non-profit organizations of more than
800 attorneys, legal professionals, and safety advocates.

The Law Firm for Truck Safety is dedicated to trucking safety nationwide, representing those injured or
killed in preventable trucking incidents resulting from unsafe truck and tractor trailer operation.

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