WASHINGTON, D.C. (TruckingNewsNow.com) — The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys welcomes several new members to its Board of Regents. The ATAA is a leading non-profit trucking safety advocate organization which counts more than 600 attorney and legal professional members across the United States.

academy of truck accident attorneys
The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys welcomes the latest Board of Regents members who are also Board Certified in Truck Accident Law.

The following Regents are among the first to be “Board Certified” by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Truck Accident Law.

Morgan Adams — The Law Offices of Morgan Adams — Chattanooga, TN.

Wade Barrow — Barrow Law — Fort Worth, TX.

Bryan Bradley — Kenneth J. Allen Law Group — Valpraiso, IN

Dan Buba — Doehrman Buba Attorneys At Law, Indianapolis, IN

Jeffrey Burns — Dollar, Burns, and Becker — Kansas City, MO

Joseph Camerlengo — The Truck Accident Law Firm — Jacksonville, FL

Ed Ciarimboli — Fellerman and Ciarimboli Law — Kingston, PA

Robert Collins — Robert Collins, Attorney — Houston, TX

Michael Cowen — Cowen, Rodriquez, Peacock — San Antonio, TX

David Craig — Craig, Kelley and Faultless — Indianapolis, IN

Tom D’Amore — D’Amore Law Group — Portland, OR

Brian Davis — Davis Law Group — Asheville, NC

Joe Ervin — Ervin and Ervin, Attorneys at Law — Oklahoma City, OK

Scott Faultless — Craig, Kelley, and Faultless — Indianapolis, IN

Joseph Fried — Fried, Rogers, Goldberg — Atlanta, GA

Katherine Harvey-Lee — Javajeri and Yahoudai — Century City, CA

Peter Kestner — McEwen and Kestner — Inver Grove Heights, MN

Steve Laird — Law Offices of Steven C. Laird — Fort Worth, TX

Joshua Leizerman — Leizerman and Young — Toledo, OH

Michael Leizerman — Leizerman and Young — Toledo, OH

Rena Leizerman — Leizerman and Young — Toledo, OH

Diane Marger Moore — Baum, Hedlund, Aristei and Goldman — Los Angeles, CA

Tom Metier — Metier Law Firm — Fort Collis, CO

Dan Munley — Munley, Munley and Cartwright — Scranton, PA

David Nissenberg — Attorney David Nissenberg — La Jolla, CA

Eric Penn — The Penn Law Firm — Jacksonville, TX

Stefano Portigliatti — Coker Law — Jacksonville, FL

Timothy Semelroth — RSH Legal — Cedar Rapids, IA

Ken Shigley — Shigley Law — Atlanta, GA

Chip Sloan — Pierce, Herns, Sloan and McLeod — Charleston, SC

John Sloan, Jr., — Sloan, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson — Longview, TX

Timothy Whiting — Whiting Law Group — Chicago, IL

Andy Young — Young and McCarthy — Cleveland, OH

Founded by nationally renowned trial attorneys Michael Leizerman and Joe Fried, the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA) includes more than 600 attorneys and legal professionals dedicated to promoting safety and accountability in the trucking industry by representing clients injured or killed in crashes involving tractor-trailers. For more information, visit academyoftruckaccidentattorneys.org.

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