Leizerman, Fried Headline Truck Attorney Symposium

Nearly 400 lawyers attend ATAA conference in Nashville, learn from the best plaintiff’s trucking attorneys.

Leading truck accident attorneys Michael Leizerman (left) and Joe Fried address the annual Academy of Truck Accident Attorney Symposium in Nashville. The 2019 Symposium set record attendance levels.

NASHVILLE, TN (TruckingNewsNow.com) — More than 400 lawyers and paralegals brought this year’s Academy of Truck Accident Attorney Symposium to record-setting attendance levels as the nation’s leading truck accident plaintiff’s attorneys gave advice and shared experience in litigating major truck crashes.

In nearly 50 sessions over several days, attorneys covered topics of vital interest to other attorneys who litigate truck accident cases. Among the presenters, Michael Leizerman, Joe Fried, Joe Camerlengo, Tom Metier, Brian Davis, Pete Kestner, Jay Vaughn, Steve Gursten, Dan Munley, Melissa Mosier, Peter Wayne, Hugh McAngus, Dan Buba, Jeanmarie Whalen, Andy Young, Steve Laird, Eric Penn, Marlon Munley, Tim Whiting, Ken Levinson, Steve Gorny, Larry Simon, Tanner Jones, Rodney Max, David Nissenberg, JJ Burns, Matthew Wright, Ed Ciarimboli, Joe Ervin and Rena Leizerman.

The Symposium featured the nation’s first Board Certified Truck Accident Attorneys — attorneys who undergo a rigorous multi-part exam to prove they are leaders in their field, not just good at marketing.

The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys was founded by truck crash attorneys Michael Leizerman and Joe Fried — both of whom are board certified. The non-profit organization is dedicated to highway safety — preventing semi-crashes, and holding trucking companies responsible when crashes do happen.

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