Semi Truck Leaking Honey Causes Traffic Havoc

HAMMOND, IN ( (Source: Indiana State Police @ 8:45 ET May 15, 2019) –Three left lanes are closed east bound on I-80/94 at Calumet Avenue. A semi hauling containers of “Amber Honey” lost control and rolled over. The semi was hauling 41,000 pounds of the honey. Five of these containers came out of the box trailer and there are still eight inside, at least four of these containers are leaking. It appears the semi was coming onto east bound I-80/94 from Calumet Avenue when his front axle broke which caused the driver to lose control and roll over.

Courtesy Indiana State Police

The driver also stated he had just fueled up and the semi is not only leaking the honey but diesel fuel. The semi driver was not injured.

Traffic WILL be impacted in both directions. We are already experiencing back-ups and delays. Please seek alternate routes. This may be an extended clean-up and closure. West bound traffic back-up and delays are because of “gawkers”. 

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