ATAA Welcomes Latest Board Certified Truck Accident Attorneys

TOLEDO, OH ( — There are now 19 “board certified” Truck Accident Attorneys in the United States. Representing the best of the best, these Truck Accident Attorneys are the attorneys who have proven they are great at what they do, not just good at marketing.

academy of truck accident attorneys
The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys welcomes the latest attorneys Board Certified in truck accident law.

The National Board of Trial Advocacy says that these board certified attorneys have “demonstrated skill and expertise in a particular field and has proven it through rigorous examination and testing by the NBTA. The NBTA, and other organizations accredited by the American Bar Association must demonstrate that lawyers certified have an enhanced level of expertise and substantial involvement in the specialty area of certification. The standards are designed to enable the NBTA to evaluate thoroughly the objectives, standards and procedures of attorneys and to facilitate public access to appropriate legal services.”

The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA), founded by noted truck accident attorneys Michael Leizerman and Joe Fried, supported the creation of the specific truck accident attorney board certification in 2018. The ATAA is a non-profit organization of more than 500 legal professionals dedicated to trucking and highway safety.

Here are the Board Certified Truck Accident Attorneys as of May 8, 2019, according to the NBTA.

Morgan Adams
Truck Wreck Justice
Chattanooga, TN

Daniel J Buba
Doehrman Buba Attorneys at Law
Indianapolis, IN

Joseph Camerlengo
The Truck Accident Law Firm
Jacksonville, FL

Robert L Collins
Robert L. Collins & Associates
Houston, TX

Michael Cowen
Cowen Rodriguez Peacock
San Antonio, TX

Tom D’Amore
D’Amore Law Group, P.C.
Lake Oswego, OR

William Ervin
Ervin & Ervin
Oklahoma City, OK

Joseph Fried
Fried Rogers Goldberg
Atlanta, GA

Peter Kestner
McEwen & Kestner, PLLC
Inver Grove Heights, MN

Steven C. Laird
Law Office of Steven C. Laird, PC
Fort Worth, TX

Joshua M Leizerman
Leizerman & Associates
Toledo, OH

Michael Leizerman
Leizerman & Associates
Toledo, OH

Rena Leizerman
Leizerman & Associates
Toledo, OH

Diane Marger Moore
Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, PC
Los Angeles, CA

David Nissenberg
Nissenberg Law Firm
San Diego, CA

George Patterson
Patterson Law
Bowie, MD

Jay Vaughn
Hendy, Johnson Vaughn Emery
Fort Wright, KY

Timothy M. Whiting
Whiting Law Group
Chicago, IL

Matthew E. Wright
Wright Law
Franklin, TN

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