Trucking Safety Experts Call For Monitoring After Denver Crash

Denver Crash Leaves Four Dead. Speeding Semi Leads To 28 Car Chain Reaction Wreck.

DENVER, CO ( — A National Trucking Safety Organization is urging trucking companies to ensure their drivers are trained in mountain driving following the Denver truck crash and explosion that left four people dead.

Trucking Attorney Michael Leizerman, co-founder of the non-profit Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, says it is imperative that trucking companies train their drivers correctly.

“Driving in the mountains requires proper training,” said Leizerman. “The federal regulations require truck drivers to be familiar with mountain driving. The motor carrier in this crash should have made sure the truck driver knew how to properly drive down a steep mountain grade without overheating brakes and losing control of the tractor-trailer, if that is in fact what happened here.”

A judge Saturday found probable cause for the arrest of driver Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos on investigation of vehicular homicide. Bail was set at $400,000. Charges have not yet been filed. The investigation into the crash that involved 28 cars, at least one other tractor trailer and left I-70 closed for more than a day, continues.

Aguilera-Mederos told investigators that his brakes stopped working as he descended mountain terrain at 85 mph.

“We still do not understand the full magnitude of the tragedy,” said Leizerman. “On top of the horrible grief of the families of the 4 people killed, and unknown others injured, there will be medical bills, funerals and lost wages that families must deal with. Let’s hope the trucking company has more than the minimum $750,000 insurance limits, an amount first put in place in 1980 and never adjusted for inflation, There have been several efforts in recent years to adjust the minimum to at least $5 million to account for medical and other inflation, but the federal government has repeatedly failed to successfully act.”

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