Joe Fried, Michael Leizerman Among First Board Certified Truck Accident Attorneys

NEW YORK, NY ( — Noted truck accident attorneys Joseph Fried and Michael Leizerman are among the first nine attorneys in the United States achieving “Board Certification” in Truck Accident law.

joe fried attorney
Truck Accident Attorney Joe Fried, co-founder of the ATAA.

The Board Certification is the first and only American Bar Association accreditation for Truck Accident Law in the nation. The inaugural group of just nine attorneys represents the stringent requirements that must be met, including a six hour written exam, strict background vetting process, and proof of hands-on experience in several truck crash cases.

Board Certification places knowledge and experience over marketing.

michael leizerman truck accident attorney
Truck Accident Attorney Michael Leizerman, co-founder of the ATAA.

“It’s very difficult for a person to get their bearings and even think about things like securing evidence and taking steps to protect their family when their spouse, parent or child is killed in truck crash,” said Leizerman. “Choosing a lawyer who is a board certified specialist in Truck Accident Law helps victims of truck wrecks ensure that the lawyer they hire has the experience and knowledge to best represent their interests.”

Board Certification is overseen by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of trial advocacy and aiding clients in their selection of experienced legal representation.

“We could not be happier to welcome this inaugural class of Truck Accident Law attorneys into the National Board of Trial Advocacy,” said Keith Clifford, the organization’s president and senior shareholder with Clifford & Raihala, in Madison, Wisc. “Their time, experience and dedication — both to completing our stringent requirements as well as to their clients — make them the perfect group to lead the way for Truck Accident Law board certification. They have set the stage as trailblazers in this new specialty area for years to come.”

The first Board Certified Truck Accident Attorneys are:

Joseph Fried (Fried, Rogers Goldberg) Atlanta, GA

Michael Leizerman (Leizerman & Associates) Toledo, OH

Morgan Adams, Truck Wreck Justice, Chattanooga, TN

Joseph Camerlengo (The Truck Accident Law Firm) Jacksonville, FL

Rena Leizerman (Leizerman & Associates) Toledo, OH

William Ervin (Ervin and Ervin) Oklahoma City, OK

Peter Kestner (McEwen and Kestner) Inner Grove Heights, MN

David Nissenberg (Nissenberg Law Firm) San Diego, CA

Jay Vaughn (Hendy, Johnson, Vaughn, Emery) Fort Wright, KY

“Make no mistake about it,” says Joe Fried. “Who you choose as the lawyer to handle a serious truck crash case is very important.  Not all lawyers get the same results. Not even close. Not everyone who advertises or says that they have experience handling truck crash cases is the real deal. When you choose an NBTA Certified Truck Crash Lawyer, you can rest assured that the lawyer has been independently vetted for experience and results and independently tested for knowledge and competence.”

Leizerman and Fried are co-founders of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys which include more than 500 attorneys dedicated to promoting safety and accountability in the trucking industry.

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