Safety Advocates React To Deadly Nevada Semi Crash

LAS VEGAS, NV ( — Trucking safety advocates are calling on truck drivers and trucking companies to ensure that sleepy drivers are not behind the wheel following a deadly crash near Las Vegas.

Two men were killed in a Toyota Corolla when the car was struck by a semi-truck driver who police say admitted to “drowsy driving.”

Michael Leizerman, a leading Truck Accident Attorney and co-founder of the non-profit Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA) says the organization’s members are specialists in handling cases like this.

Many ATAA members have handled cases involving tired truckers. Sometimes, the driver admits it, as seems to be the case here. Many times, we have to prove drowsiness by reconstructing a driver’s log books through toll receipts, GPS coordinates, credit card receipts, cell phone calls and more.”

Leizerman says the ATAA encourages trucking companies to not just abide by Federally mandated limits on a driver’s work day, but to enact and enforce safety-first policies.

“One of the ways to reduce fatigue-related fatalities is for truck companies to adopt a safety culture of not encouraging drivers to drivers to drive when they will be over the legal number of safe driving hours. When companies really mean this, and not just with a wink-wink nod-nod, they put policies in place that don’t penalize drivers for getting proper rest.”

Learn more about the ATAA here.


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