Schneider Unveils Aerodynamic Wheel Covers


Schneider says its new wheel covers are aerodynamic, environmentally friendly. (Photo: Schneider).

GREEN BAY, WI ( (Source: Schneider) — Schneider trucks are updating their wheels with a new generation of Deflecktor aerodynamic wheel covers. These newly updated wheel covers will continue to improve energy efficiency while making equipment inspection easier for drivers.

“Sustainability is a strong company focus, so we are always looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of our operations,” said Rob Reich, Schneider’s senior vice president of equipment, maintenance and driver development. “That’s what led us to initially adopt the Deflecktor wheel covers in 2010, and why the new, enhanced version will be installed on new tractors added to our fleet.”

Schneider’s safety standards require drivers to complete a thorough inspection of their trucks before transporting goods. These new wheel covers make accessing the rim for inspection easier.

As one of the most energy-efficient fleets in the country, Schneider has improved fuel efficiency 12.5 percent since 2008 and decreased fuel consumption by 500,000 gallons between 2016 and 2017.

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