Schneider Trucking Saving Shippers On Spot Requests

GREEN BAY, WI ( (Source: Media Advisory) — Schneider, a premier provider of transportation and logistics services, has teamed with JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, to save shippers on spot transportation requests. Using Schneider Logistics’ BidSmart® methodology and JAGGAER’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO), Schneider achieved market benchmarking results of 30 percent savings on customers’ transportation sourcing.

Schneider’s drive to innovate was spurred by a true market need: sourcing bids for distressed freight. This integration represents a significant move in the digital transformation of the logistics industry as these bids were previously collected through dated technologies such as emails and faxes, and choices were further limited by time. Using JAGGAER’s ASO, Schneider’s BidSmart moves the entire process onto a digital platform, and Schneider now quickly identifies and analyzes options to optimize shippers’ spot transportation requests.

“Incorporating JAGGAER within our technology platform supports Schneider Logistics’ ability to deliver a market-leading ROI,” said Mike Kukiela, Schneider vice president and general manager of supply chain management. “The collaboration on technology-enabled services demonstrates the strong commitment of both organizations to lead the industry in delivered customer value and innovation.”

Typically, a time-sensitive shipment in a demand-led market is moved by the first carrier that responds to a bid, removing the option of true choice, efficiency and savings from the equation. Schneider’s enhanced solution enables fast assessment of all bids, based on multiple variables, to yield immediate savings simply on the expanded choice set alone.

“Schneider’s adoption of our ASO technology is a model of vendor and customer collaboration,” said Rob Bonavito, CEO of JAGGAER. “Our solutions serve as catalysts for innovations that can fundamentally change how companies operate and serve their industries. It’s by listening to and working with customers like Schneider that JAGGAER can produce technologies that create market differentiation.”

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