Truck Accident Attorneys Call Mendez Trucking History Concerning

PARAMUS, NJ  ( — The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, a non-profit organization focused on truck safety, says the history of the trucking company involved in the fatal school bus wreck is disturbing.

“The record of the Mendez Trucking Company shows why regulation is so important,” said attorney Michael Leizerman, co-founder of the ATAA. “Why is a company with 247 violations in two years still operating?”

The NTSB and NJ State Police are investigating the crash which killed a fifth grade student and a teacher. The school bus was returning from a field trip. While the cause of the crash is unclear, the trucking company’s history is surely a focus.

“The Mendez Trucking Company has an out of service rate of nearly double the national average,” said attorney Joe Fried, co-founder of the ATAA. “The truck itself was involved in another crash in 2016. This company has very serious safety problems.”

Public records reveal that Mendez drivers have been issued at least ten citations over the past several years. Maintenance records show trucks were overweight, drove with inoperable lamps and spilled cargo.

“Truck drivers must be prepared for road hazards, changing traffic conditions and the actions of other motorists,” said Leizerman. “The only way that a dump truck hits a school bus in a situation like this is if the truck driver isn’t paying attention.”

“As a former police officer, “ said Fried,I know that we do not have enough police officers who are trained to and have the time to police the trucking industry. Law enforcement does what it can with limited training and resources, but too many dangerous trucking companies fly under the radar until it’s too late.”

More than 40 students were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Neither the truck driver nor school bus driver have yet been issued citations.

The Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting trucking and motor carrier safety while fighting unsafe practices, policies and procedures that endanger the public.

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