Schneider Upgrades Driver Comfort

GREEN BAY, WI ( — Recent feedback from drivers has led to Schneider investing in a number of equipment upgrades to make life on the road easier for both team and solo drivers. Schneider plans to have the upgraded Freightliner New Cascadia trucks operating in its fleet by June 2018.

“Schneider continually looks for opportunities to improve life on the road for driver associates,” said Rob Reich, senior vice president, equipment, maintenance and driver development at Schneider. “These latest equipment upgrades make great strides in providing better driver comfort.”

New Schneider team-spec’d trucks will benefit from the following upgrades:

  • Factory-installed refrigerator and storage cabinets: Optimally fitted to the truck, the refrigerator and storage cabinets make efficient use of space, and give drivers the ability to enjoy cold beverages and fresh food.
  • Built-in Sirius XM radio with an included subscription: Drivers can continue listening to the radio stations they love wherever they go without having to pay a subscription fee.
  • New 8-inch memory foam mattress: The mattress provides a higher quality of sleep than previous in-truck mattresses.

Schneider’s solo-spec’d trucks will also include factory-installed refrigerators and storage cabinets, as well as new 8-inch memory foam mattresses. Additionally, external Sirius XM antennae will be built into trucks’ dashboards. The most significant upgrade to the solo fleet trucks is the inclusion of an auxiliary power unit (APU) in most vehicles.

An APU is a small diesel-powered engine attached to the frame rail that provides the truck with unlimited electrical power, even when it is shut off. This means that drivers with APUs will no longer need to idle when stopping for the night and wishing to run air conditioning, for example. Drivers will no longer be at the mercy of how long their trucks’ batteries will last, and they will be able to better take advantage of amenities like microwaves, refrigerators, televisions, cooling systems and charging their mobile devices. The reduction in idling also leads to fewer engine after-treatment issues.

All new Schneider trucks will continue to have automated manual transmissions for a less strenuous driving experience, and the company offers both automated and standard transmission training for new drivers. Equipment improvements will not end with these updates, as Schneider continues to research and test ways to improve life on the road for its drivers. Currently, Schneider is testing upgraded seats.

These latest equipment upgrades are just the newest features to be added to the list of truck, trailer, and container technologies and specifications, like collision mitigation systems, in-cab mobile communications platforms, automatic tire inflation systems and new intermodal container chassis that drivers enjoy when behind the wheel of a Schneider truck. To learn more about the technology and equipment behind the Schneider fleet, visit

One of the largest trucking carriers in North America, Schneider has been a top choice of safety-minded drivers for over 80 years. With over 75 percent of its drivers getting home weekly or more frequently, Schneider provides professional opportunities that meet the work-life balance needs of today’s workforce.

Schneider has been listed by Forbes as one of America’s best employers and is ranked a top-paying carrier by the National Transportation Institute.

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